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STANDARD VERSION (washer-coater)
• The Wash-X is a unit developed for the inkjet fabric printing.
• Designed to provide continuous process of fabric preparation and fabric washing for the digital printing. Could be also used as post treatment machine.
• The Wash-X are actually two machine incorporated into one unit. They are capable of coating and washing almost any kind of fabric due to unique design.
• Coating: The amount of coating emulsion could be adjusted to suit all types of dyes, including reactive, acid and disperse dyes.
• Washing: Continuous fabric washing suitable for all type of inks and is design to save as much water as possible.
• The unit automatically feeds fabric into a coating/washing unit, drying the fabric after coating/washing and winds the fabric into rolls at the completion of the process.
• All units are exchangeable and works as plug-in system.

• Fabric Maximum Width mm/inch           1850/72” – 2600/98.5” – 3200/126”
• Wash Process                                     Hot Water-Cold Water-Rinse
• Dryer Maximum Temperature               180 C
• Maximum Speed                                 Up to 120 linear meters per hour
• Wash Tank Capacity                            1*340 lt
• Coating Tank Capacity                         75 lt
• Water Consumption                            250 lt/hour
• Power Supply                                     380V/415, 50Hz 3 phase, neutral, earth wire
                                                           208/220V, 60Hz, 3 phase, earth
• Power Consumption                            45 kW
• Air Supply                                          1500 lt/min. at 6 bars
• Fabric Roll Diameter max.                    350 mm

• Softener applicator
• Fabric edge decurlers
• 2nd Cold Water Tank

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