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·         The Steam-XL is a high speed production machine developed for the inkjet fabric printing.
·         Designed to provide continuous process of fixing dyes to the fabric that has been printed by any type of inkjet printer available on the market.
·         The Steam-XL is capable of reaching temperatures of steam up to 180 degrees Celsius and it can therefore cure all types of dyes, including reactive, acid and disperse dyes.
·         The unit automatically feeds fabric, cures the fabric and winds the fabric into rolls at the completion of the process. The unit could serve several digital printers.
·         Rollers inside are driven to completely eliminate fabric tension. The tension could be adjusted between each driven roller by analog tension regulator.
  • Fabric Widths mm/inch:            1850/72” – 2600/98.5” – 3200/126”
  • Saturated steam                     102 C
  • Superheated steam                 180 C
  • Reactive inks (102 C)               50 linear m/hour at 15 min. dwell time
  • Acid inks (102 C)                     25 linear m/hour at 30 min. dwell time
  • Disperse inks (180 C)                95 linear m/hour at 8 min. dwell time
  • Pigment inks (160 C)                125 linear m/hour at 6 min. dwell time
  • Fabric length inside steamer       12.5 m
  • Tank Capacity                          25 lt
  • Power Supply                          380V/415, 50Hz 3 phase, neutral, earth wire
                                                   208/220V, 60Hz, 3 phase, earth
  • Power Consumption                  12 kW
  • Fabric Roll Diameter max.           350 mm
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