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(high speed with gas dryer)

• The HS Precoat-WG is fabric coating unit developed for the inkjet fabric printing with high speed production output with gas dryer
• Designed to provide continuous process of fabric preparation for the digital printing. Could be also used as post treatment machine.
• The HS Precoat-W is capable of coating almost any kind of fabric due to unique design. The amount of coating emulsion could be adjusted to suit all types of dyes, including reactive, acid and disperse dyes.
• The unit automatically feeds fabric into coating unit, drying the fabric after coating and winds the fabric into rolls at the completion of the process.


• Fabric Maximum Width mm/inch      1850/72”
• Max. Temperature                          160 C
• Maximum Speed m/hour                 200 (linear meters)
• Coating Tank                                  340 lt
• Power Supply                                 380V/415, 50Hz 3 phase, neutral, earth 
                                                       208/220V, 60Hz, 3 phase, earth
• Power Consumption kW                   7.0
• Air Supply L/min                             200 at 6 Bars
• Fabric Roll Diameter mm                 350
• Gas                                               Natural or LPG
• Gas Consumption MJ                      540
• Gas Pressure Min kPa                     1.1
• Gas Pressure Max kPa                    7.0

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