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Direct digital textile printing total solution by Rimslow

Published by Rimslow in Blog · 25/4/2016 08:28:00
Direct digital textile printing total solution needs coater, steamer and washer.
Using reactive, acid, disperse, pigment ink:
  • Fabric must be pre-treated (coated) by chemicals to avoid ink migration and also improve ink penetration. That could be done on Wash-X (washing/coating) or Precoat-W, Precoat-Z and Precoat-ZP (coating only).
  • After printing ink must be cured and fixed. Reactive, acid and disperse by steam. Pigment by steam or heat only. Machine used – Steam-XL, Steam-X ECOM, Steam-X RDA or high speed steamers XL-Double, XL -Quattro
  • After steaming fabric must washed to get out pre-treatment chemical and residual of ink which was not fixed to the fabric. Washing by Wash-X
  • In the case using pigment, pre-treatment of fabric prior printing is required by most ink manufacturers. In this case Precoat-W, Precoat-Z and Precoat-ZP could be used if curing is done by heat only.
  • Pigment fixation could be done also steamed in our steamer. Per our experience by steaming pigment is giving better results (brightness)
  • a.       Reactive ink is for all natural fiber fabrics, including silk
  • b.       Acid ink for some silk and nylon
  • c.       Disperse is for manmade fibers (polyester)
  • d.       Pigment - In my experience, pigment was always used for less expensive prints (getting washed out by time).
  • e.       All inks needs pre-treatment, including pigment if you want to get reasonable results.
For the total solution for digital textile printer is recommend:
  • a.       Wash-X 1850 with 2nd cold water tank version for pretreatment and washing
  • b.       Steam-XL 1850 for fabric fixation. For small production could used also Steam-X 1850 ECOM, but will fit only 1-2 digital printers for reactive and disperse inks. For acid ink is just for 1 printer. (Curing time is 30-45 minutes for acid ink)
Recommended machines:
  • Steam-XL and Steam-X ECOM:
    • ECOM is small machine which could handle all types of dyes and also pigment. Machine is 1 scroll roller (fabric expander) prior fabric winding.
    • XL is also capable handle all types of dyes, but is with tensionless system (all rollers driven and analog tension regulation included). XL is with 2 scroll rollers to handle fabric better and production output is 2.5 higher as ECOM version.
    • Steaming temperatures:
    • 102C – reactive, acid, saturated steam
    • Up to 180C – disperse, pigment, superheated steam
    • Temperature and steam amount is set automatically, when type of ink is selected on the control screen. No additional adjustments are required.
  • Wash-X:
    • Pretreatment/coating
      • Chemicals are automatically transported into coating tray where level is controlled.
      • Machine is coming with chemicals stirrer for chemical liquid storage
      • Machine is with tension control adjustable from control screen
      • Speeds are adjustable also and drying could be controlled as required
      • Amount of chemicals applied to the fabric is controlled by pressure on coating roller
      • Drying is by infrared dryer with temperature regulation up to 180C
      • On the end, fabric is winded into a roll on fabric winding unit equipped with fabric scroll roller (expander) and one side edge control to have fabric edge straight for printing.
  • Washing:
    • First is fabric going through cold water tank filled with recycled water from high frequency nozzles tray
    • 2nd stage is fabric going through hot water tank with adjustable temperature (max 65C or 95C).
    • All tanks have automatic control of dirty water discharge and refill according to meters’ preset
    • Hot tank is with auto filling of washing chemicals depended on liters of water discharged. (cold tank on request)
    • All tanks are equipped with water air agitation
    • After each tank fabric is squeezed by rubber rollers to get out dirt and ink residual
    • In 3rd step fabric is going through cold water bath created by water from high frequency nozzles
    • 4th step is final washing fabric by high frequency nozzles to clean the fabric prior going through last set of rubber rollers to squeeze out water prior drying
    • Drying and fabric winding is the same as in coating process. 
Optional machines feature:
  • Decurlers are for circular knits used through coating and washing process and washer require 3 sets. (Precoat-W 2 sets only)
  • Fabric softener is additional module to Wash-X. This unit is consisting Hot fix tank and softener applicator. It is plug-in module and could be added to the machine later. 

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